What is “Read To Earn”?

Legerly users can participate in quizzes based on the contents of the books they read. These may reward them with tokens, which will be useful later.

Is Legerly A Crowdfunding Platform?

We’ll allow Legerly Authors to get crowdfunding for their literary projects, where investors can contribute funds to their campaign in exchange for tokenized book rights.

Can I Sell My Existing Books On Legerly?

Yes, you can sell both your published and unpublished titles on Legerly’s marketplace. All you’ll need to do is publish them through Legerly’s Publication Tool, and once approved, it will be available for sale.

Is Legerly a Publisher?

We’re not a traditional publisher. Instead, Legerly is a book NFT marketplace that also offers publishing services.

Is Legerly an AI tool?

Legerly will implement customized AI tools to help empower Legerly Authors, but the project proper is not an AI tool.

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