How Does Web3 Book Crowdfunding Work?

Meet Sarah, a passionate novelist who has been working on her WIP for years. She’s finally ready to bring her story to life, but literary agents won’t give her the time of day, and she’s broke and cannot afford even the cover design of her manuscript.  She opts for crowdfunding the book and see if […]

Why Invest In NFT Books in Web3?

Web3 books are possibly the most underdeveloped sector of the Web3 economy. Illustrations, videos, songs, and other types of media have gotten their fair share of love from Web3 traders and investors.  But books?  You’d be hard-pressed to find the first Web3 investor to claim their exclusive copy of Dracula sold for 50,000 ETH, unlike […]

Why Should I Invest in Tokenized Assets?

RWA tokenized book with gold

Investing in anything is risky, and investing in crypto is even more. But there’s a possible solution to making investments easier, cheaper, and more available to the public, like investing in real estate when you don’t have the cash to do so upfront. We’re talking about tokenization, a Blockchain process that might just be what […]

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