How Do Smart Contracts Support NFT Books?

Diving into the realm of Web3 is like stepping into a whirlwind of jargon, with complex terms swirling around like confetti at a child’s birthday party. One such is the “smart contract”, a seemingly arcane concept that serves as the building block for everything Blockchain-related, pun unintended. But in truth, smart contracts can be just […]

How To Create a Crypto Wallet for Book NFTs?

Where do book NFTs go after you purchase them? To crypto wallets! A crypto wallet is the first step to set straight before venturing into the Web3 space. As banks do not exist in the crypto and NFT environment, users employ crypto wallets as their digital safe for saving, storing, and receiving crypto and NFTs. […]

How Does Tokenization Work?

Tokenization is oft-referred to as the Holy Grail of the Web3 and NFT industry, although its use cases tend to seem great in theory, yet rarely practiced.  That’s because not everyone understands what tokenization really is, and if they do, find their use cases a little iffy. Let’s start from macro to micro. Before we […]

How Should A Fiction Writer Use An AI Worldbuilding Tool?

Frantic calls for AI tools to replace writers have flooded writer subreddits and FaceBook groups ever since OpenAI’s ChatGPT hit the markets on November 30, 2022. One year later, fiction writers are still puzzled about how to properly use AI tools to increase their productivity. Many find them repetitive, soulless, and unable to provide anything […]

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